NANO SOMA is the product name.

MagicDichol LLC is the official name of the company that distrubutes it.

Magicdichol represents the trio of products they offer: Nano Soma Nutritional supplement, Metasomer Topical Gel and Metasomer Telomerase Skin Cream. 

The key ingredient in all 3 products is Metadichol, also called Policosinal.

All patents are under MetaDichol Nanosoma

The primary ingredients in NANO SOMA are a nanoemulsion policosanol from rice wax, and water, plus minor ingredients for the stability of the nanoemulsion.

Metasomer Topical gel has proven to be remarkably effective for skin conditions. It is regarded as the optimal product for activating the body to heal wounds, burns and cuts. 

You can consume NANO SOMA at any time of day, with or without food, and with or without water.

NANO SOMA is made from natural, food-based substances and has no known side effects. It is is basically a natural food product and considered to be healthier than salt and sugar.

NANO SOMA promotes and triggers the body to heal. This holds true for everyone. We may not even know we need healing, but Nano Soma will first triage the body and heal the most life threatening conditions first. 

Nano Soma has no known allergic reactions

There are no known interactions between prescription drugs and Nano Soma

Five sprays per day are advised for health maintenance.  The recommended usage procedures are covered in this paper.

The components of the vaccines and any shedding to/from others do not belong in our bodies, so we could expect that NANO SOMA will trigger our bodies to rid themselves of this contamination. You can read more here

Yes, Nano Soma is safe during pregnancy

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