More testionials are being added frequently. We have hundreds of them from happy consumers of the product - so we will try to add a selection of the vast array of health benefits our users experience. 

10 years ago, I took the swine flu vaccine and suffered recurring bouts of fever and flulike symptoms, then ultimately, it all developed into chronic fatigue syndrome, where every little thing to be done during the day seemed like a mountainous task. My energy levels were incredibly low and no doctor with myriad tests could find an explanation or find a treatment that would get me back to normal. I was at rock bottom. Several months ago, I began to take several drops a day of NANO SOMA and to my surprise and the surprise of those close to me, things began to turn around after 4 weeks. My energy levels returned to where they were before this damage occurred and even though I have to take a rest after doing too much (I am in my late 70s), I am now able to lead a normal life, again. The difference for me is astonishing and the only thing I changed during that time was beginning to take NANO SOMA. So, even though I cannot prove it, there is, for me, at least no other explanation as to what made the difference after 10 years of suffering. Thank you, Dr. Raghavan, for discovering such a wonderful gift to humanity. Hazel, Ireland.
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share that NANO SOMA worked again! This time it helped me with my son’s rash (molluscum contagiosum). He has had a rash for around one year, and after a month of NANO SOMA – taken both orally and sprayed directly onto the rash – it has almost disappeared. We will continue until it is fully gone. The “traditional doctors” told me it would never heal by itself (because it was very spread out and it had been too long... rashes typically last from six to nine months in healthy individuals) and the only way to heal it would’ve been through applying a cream to “burn” it off or cryotherapy. The cream has so much inside that is potentially carcinogenic so I refused it and used NANO SOMA instead. I’m so happy! JJ, February 2023.
February 2023
Here are my experiences with NANO SOMA. I have two dogs: a two-year-old German Shepherd named Odin and a 12-year-old Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix named Lui. About six months ago, Odin had conjunctivitis. The eye was quite red. After spraying NANO SOMA directly in his eye, it was better. The next day, it was a bit worse – but not as bad as the beginning – so I sprayed NANO SOMA in his eye again. Then, I went one day without spraying and it slightly worsened, so I sprayed NANO SOMA in his eye for two days (once per day). After these two days, Odin’s conjunctivitis was cured and remains so to this day. Recently, my other dog, Lui, had this same problem – even worse than with Odin. Now that I had so much experience with the issue, I immediately sprayed NANO SOMA in Lui’s eye twice. This helped immediately and there have been no additional issues so far. NANO SOMA also has an almost immediate effect on abscesses in dogs. NANO SOMA works very quickly in dogs, and you can see a response almost immediately. With us humans, in my opinion, it is not always as fast – but it is effective, and you just have to stick with it. I have personally taken NANO SOMA for one year. What I can report is that I now have a clear nasal passage and don't need nasal drops anymore. I used to wake up a few times in the night due to a lack of oxygen, however, since taking NANO SOMA, this has become much better. Regards, BS, Translated from German by deep.com.
February 2023
Hi Richard, I’m continuing on my fourth year with the NANO SOMA Oral Spray, and I’m doing great! I also am using the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream and the METASOMER Topical Gel for my skin. I started using much more NANO SOMA due to a horrible pain around my gall bladder/ liver area. I couldn’t bend over without pain! Well, the pain disappeared after several days of increased sprays (sometimes up to 10 sprays per day). Also, the METASOMER Topical Gel has removed what looked like skin cancer on my arm! All this to say that I listen to my body and adjust my sprays accordingly and, “magically,” all kinds of negative issues disappear. Love and light, Martha B., February 2023.
Martha B
February 2023
The METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream is beautiful and the scent is the most natural I have enjoyed in any skin product I have used. My skin does well with it and it has helped with reducing fine lines around the eyes and with making the area under my eyebrows more supple...I like the fine texture of the cream and the container which keeps the air out and prevents contamination. Thanks for creating this wonderful product.
February 2023